Essay On My Reading Experience

Learning to read and write English has never been fun when I was growing up. I am blessed to have parents who were educated and always encouraged me to read to her most of the time especially before bedtime and to listen to the 9pm (Nine O’clock). The most challenging point of my life is the vice principle of my school Mrs. Benson, she lives three doors away from my house. She is my class teacher as well in 2nd grade. She always tells my mother what I did not do correctly in classroom. She emphasis that as a young child reading is the most important academic skill a child can learn. I did not know the importance of reading until when I get to high school.

The major problem is the phonics words I have difficulty to blend them together and how to spell the words correctly. What really works well for me is writing the words about 5 to 10 times on a sheet of papers and reading daily. She encourages me to spell
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Every student have problem with the phonics words, when they are growing up. I was raised in third world and we are force to memorized words. I will never forget my class teacher Mrs. Benson, she is always hard on me because she very close to my mother. Now I will thank her if I meet her in years after. I totally agree with you the module which we have done together is challenging. Any hard work pays off at the end than you Mrs. Benson.
Melisa ,
Good teachers always make a good mark on their students. This is a very interesting story. I was raised 3rd world country and I taught our teachers, very hash with us.when I grew up I realize good things don’t come easy. I applaud your mom by given you a chance to prove yourself. You are very smart you are just a late bloomer. I believe every child is gifted and posses some good attributes. You are very good examples of that. I can relate this with my son.

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