How To Write A Motivation Essay

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Motivation Teenagers nowadays seem to have less and less motivation to do their best in school. Focusing only on the "now" and pushing away responsibility until reaching their adulthood. I for one, had no favorite subject, leading to disinterest in all of my school work. Throughout most of my 13 years of schooling, I went about doing less than my best, getting by with minimal effort. I developed a distaste for learning and become unbalanced in my life. Until someone loved me enough, pointed their finger to my face, and told me to motivate myself. This turning point in my life, caused me to self-reflect on the person I was becoming. I realized that the person I was being molded into, was someone I loathed. Then the time came for me to choose …show more content…
I still admired my parents for their hardworking labor, and their journey from Mexico to the United States. However, my feelings began to change in elementary school. I realized other classmates’ parents were actively involved in their school work and activities. I became resentful and jealous of my classmates, because I had no one to support me at home. I longed to have them come to my award assemblies or hear the words “I’m proud of you”, but those things were insignificant to them. They had a mentality where it was the school’s job to raise me and theirs to just provide the basic needs, like food on the table. As I grew older, and started high school, I didn 't do my best because I felt I had an excuse to fail. My parents enrolled me into a private school that had a challenging curriculum, because my 4.0’s were not good enough for them at public schools. In this school, I was at the top of my class throughout most of high school. But I compared my success to the rest of the class. Teachers praised me for my job well done, comparing me to rest of the students, but I knew I was not giving my all. Becoming uneasy with myself, I wanted to either go big or go …show more content…
She began asking me on my feelings and thoughts of my school work, and also asking the underlying reason for my strange behavior rising up in the last months of high school. I couldn 't bear to tell her my "excuse", so my silence became the answer to her questions. My thoughts wandered while she corrected me. No one seemed to care if I passed or failed, so why should I? Then as if reading my thoughts, she went on telling me how a great student I am, and of my potential. She was saying, "I know you can finish, and I want you to, but if you don 't want to, no one can make you do it. But if you want to finish, no one can stop you." As the next words came from her mouth, I knew it would profoundly affect my life. "You have to learn to motivate yourself.", she said staring boldly into my eyes. She really cared for me, and I never appreciated the love she had always shown me throughout my high school years. And I didn’t expect her to say what she said next, “I’m very proud of you, and I love you.” This really hit me. Immediately after this encounter I vigorously tried my best and got caught up with my school work. When handing out cords to the seniors, she cried as she placed a gold and silver cords around my neck. I appreciate and thank her because she stood up to my hardheadedness, and told me what I needed to hear. I finally understood that no matter how much help or lack of help I

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