Personal Narrative: A Trip To The Air

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“GET IN THE CAR!” yelled my mother and sister. This was the beginning of a three hour trip to the airport and then another three and a half hour plane ride to La Jolla, California. I was so excited for this trip, I was going somewhere new, and trying something new also… riding a plane. I was not deathly afraid of planes but I was incredibly skeptical of the entire airport and the fact that a 175,000 pound metal contraption could shoot itself into the air and continue that way for hours on end. I’ve always loved traveling, but before this trip I’d not had many opportunities to travel out of state. I was looking forward to spending a week in the sunny California weather and escaping the frigid Minnesota spring. But before that the joyous mess of traveling had to begin. We began by making the 3 hour drive down there which was really fast. So fast that my mom got pulled over. Apparently going seventy-four in a fifty-five isn’t a very efficient plan to get somewhere on time. My mother did get lucky, although with the fact that the cop's wife was her work assistant …show more content…
As we walked in I was immediately greeted by a beautiful flower garden and amazing interior design. As I looked around I saw the pool off to my right and a small dining area. We quickly threw down our stuff and walked right onto the most beautiful beach I had ever seen. The sand was warm and soft on my feet as I walked towards the water. “Emma, smile!” I heard my mom yell in her typical manner of taking pictures of every move I make. A while after we went for a walk on the beach and got dinner at a small sandwich shop, and that turned out to be the greatest day of my life, as I had fallen in love with a turkey and avocado sandwich. I’ll never forget that sandwich. The next day was a perfect lazy day spent on the beach and at the pool, a wonderful escape from the everyday

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