Narrative Essay On A Refugee Camp

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Refugee Camp

We have fear of something. We all get struggle towards things, but we find a way to get out of it. That makes us human. My fear is when we get into refugee camp. Refugee camp and what I saw affected me and change me a lot. It change me to be patient and to be strong in hard times. First, when I entered the refugee camp, I saw tent in the desert. It was evening, and I was scared. My heart was beating very fast. “ oh my god, what is this place.” that what I said to myself. Although I was with my family, but the view was fearful. My family contains three sisters, father,mother, and I. I am the oldest sister, so I have to be strong. I do not want to be weak in front of my parents and my sisters, so i was calm myself down. “ Mouna!
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“ Mouna! Where we going to sleep?” I looked at them and I hugged them. I did not know what to say. I felt like I can not breath. The place was horrible. There are a lot of people from different nations. There were some people holding sticks. I got scared. I thought that they want to hit us or something, but they did not. I got into the tent. The tent smells like sand, and i started to sneeze. Then the man brought for us so tools, so we can clean the tent. He also brought for us 5 blankets, 5 mattress, and 2 mats.
“ Here you go.” The man said.
“ Can we have one more blanket?” Father ask.
“ No, I can not give you, sorry!” The man said.
My dad asked him because we are 6 people, so we have to share the blankets. My mother and I started to clean the tent, and my other sisters were cleaning the other tent.
“ Mom are we going to stay here forever.” I asked mom
“ No dear! We will leave this place soon is god say so.” Mother said
“ If you want food you have to get in line.” The man said
The tent was not good nor the food was. The best thing that we brought a bag file of food. The my little sister went to mom and told her that she want to go to the restroom. “ Mouna go with your sister to the restroom.” Mother

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