An Excerpt From 'Blade': A Narrative Fiction

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Our story begins on a chilly, frosty morning. It’s October 19 2678 and my brother and i are heading to school. My brother was walking me to school when he ran in to his bully, they started fighting and by the end of it blade look like he spilled cherry sauce on his head, he walked as if he was alright but he was limping. I tried to clean him up but the red sauce has stained and dried up on his once luxurious black hair and he cleaned it up himself and just keep walking. I felt bad i did nothing but just watch. He saw me and smiled, “ How about we get some hot coco.” I thought for a second,ditch school, all right! I nodded and we headed for the city. As we approached our favorite cafe there was a crash. My brother didn't seem to care. He never did. Blade was always mysterious, he never let anyone in, the rumors didn’t seem to both him, I used to worry for him. I always thought how is he doing and why he doesn’t have friends but maybe he just doesn't want help from anyone or it seems like he lost all hope in humanity. He grabbed my hand and we walked in the towering, …show more content…
Blade turn when he heard “.... and their heading downtown … people in the downtown area stay where you are and if you see them don’t move or make a sound…. They show no mercy….” and the t.v went staticy. I ran to blade and he said were gonna be alright. People outside started screaming. I took a peek of what was going on outside and what i saw was a lady being held up by a giant deformed man and what i saw next was fearful, he shot out something to her face and started stucking it until the only thing left was the petrified look on that poor lady’s face. Then the whole cafe went on lock down. They threw down the blinds and the rusty old bars. People cried and ran to hide. Even blade look scared but we stayed quiet and cuddled up with each other. He tried calling Mom but something happened and his phone sent out a shriek and electrifly

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