Narrative Essay - My Friends And My Friend

924 Words Oct 12th, 2015 4 Pages
Narrative One fateful day, my friends and I were hanging out in a park near my family house in Grand Prairie, a city full of friendly people and eye-catching scenery. A strange guy with one black eye, he had the most disgusting rotten teeth and he looked like he was the type of person who wanted to make people’s lives miserable. the more the guy approached the more my friend Chris started to get worried, then Chris asked me and my other friend Mas a question ‘does this guy looks any suspicious to you guys?’ I replied ‘No, look at him he’s a homeless man don’t worry guys; he’s probably having a bad day himself’. Little did we know about the plans this guy had for us. I never assumed that your whole life could all be changed around in one day. It was a friendly afternoon, I spent a lot of time working that week, so I thought what a great idea it would be to call two of my close friends Mas and Chris for a little rest and recuperations, a time to catch up with our lives, so that day I made plans to meet them at the park near my house and hang out. As we sat on that very same bench and I started to talk about our busy lives, the strange guy approached even closer and then all the sudden he started yelling; “give me all your money, whatever you got and you better not play with me, because I will shoot you in the head”, he pulled out a gun, my friend Chris started to panic, he yelled “oh my god we’re getting mugged” and all the sudden the guy hit him to the back of his head…

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