Sucker Punch Book Report

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Have you ever been mad at your mom or dad and thought about maybe killing them ? Have you ever just felt like going home and shooting them with a gun ? well if so you 're not the only one in the book “Sucker punch” by David Hernandez. This book is about a boy name Marcus living with his mom and younger brother Enrique and they are now living together after their dad left after a major fight with there dad that left Enrique with 2 chipped tooths and a bloody and bruised mouth and Marcus with sore ribs. After finding out that there father wants to move in after 3 years later they are very mad. Marcus packs up the car with him and his brother Enrique and his brother girlfriend to go to california to find him and scare him into not coming back with a fake fun. There is many difference between me and Enrique. Enrique is viewed as the bad person to the world because of his attitude towards people and how he talks to people. enrique thought about the plan into getting a fake gun and scaring his father into not coming back home because what all his father did to him. Enrique was beat on several occasion because of minor things such as the time he ran over a rock …show more content…
I wasn 't only told this but i also believe i am too, I can be the class clown at Many times but when it time to buckle down and get the job down and in an orderly fashion. I 'm the kid who has C’s and D’s because i joke around alot in class but if i want to put my mind to things i can get it done and receive A’s and B’s. Me and Enrique are to different people i 'm a calm cool level headed person, where Enrique goes out and drinks, smoke and even punch holes in the wall and also carries around fake guns to scare people. On many nights i 'm at home doing homework or helping my mom with things such as cleaning or going grocery shopping with her. On many nights Enrique is out with friends smoking or joy riding around in “Rusty

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