Summary Of The Story Enrique's Journey By Nazario

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The story “Enrique’s Journey” by Sonia Nazario is based on a true story about a boy named Enrique. Enrique has a expedition to reunite with him mom. The has many dilemmas on his journey, however continues too carry on. Enrique has come to the point where the has to compose a decision about leaving the United States or staying. Enrique is deciding too stay in the United States because he wants too continue making money so the could buy a house one day. Enrique wants the best for his daughter Jasḿin and his girlfriend Maria Isabel. Enrique love Maria Isabel and wants too marry her. The gets a job so the could send money to them for their needs. Enrique perilously wants to be with his mother, Lourdes, in the United States. Enrique and Lourdes acquire an atrocious relationship including sad memories. Enrique´s old drug and alcohol addiction does not compose to in having their relationship superior. When Enrique moves out the doesn't go because the hates Lourdes, the moves …show more content…
The wants to go back too Honduras because the wants too see his child grow up and does not want to make any mistakes of not having a part in her childhood. He starts to acknowledge on moving back to reconvene with Maria Isabel an Jasḿin. However, he decides too stay in the United States because the likes the comforts. Enrique the makes a determination too bring Maria Isabel too the United States. Enrique his communicating with Maria Isabel ¨ Hello my beautiful girl… I love you. Do you have another boyfriend their?¨ (Nazario 222). Enrique really wants too be their with his girlfriend. Although even if the has doubts and feeling he should not, the feels as if at better to stay in the United States because at comforts him and would be the best thing if the lived

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