First Day Jitters

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1st Day Jitters
I leap out of bed and wonder what my mom called me for, oh wait I know it’s my first day of my new school, normally people would be excited, but not me. I just moved 2 weeks ago and now I have to go to my new school. My mom and I moved because my mom got a new job offer. I was and still am sad that we had to move. I was leaving all my friends there and my old house. I love that house and now someone else lives in it. It’s easy for my mom to say it will be fine because she has already done it before. Couldn’t she see that I was shy?
Anyway when we finally got to my school, we went to the office. As we were walking I felt like my stomach turned upside down. My hands were sweaty and I had butterflies in my stomach.
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As I was walking out the door I heard a noise, mmkp.
“I love you,” My mom said after she blew me a kiss. I just rolled my eyes and kept walking out the door.
Taylor lead me to a stairwell with lots of paintings inside. It was really colorful. It had handprints, names, books, coloring materials, and ect. I thought the handprints were weird. Who has colorful handprints in a stairwell at school?
When we got to the top of the stairwell we passed a hallway with 5th graders doing some worksheets We were walking very quietly that you could hear a pencil drop on the floor. I could tell she was annoyed that we were walking in silence, which is why she she broke it by saying:
“So how’s you day going so far, do you like it?!” I just want to bang my head into a cement wall, she’s so loud and annoying, can’t she give it a rest already! After she saw my glare, she got the memo and for the rest of the walk we were silent.
“And… here’s our classroom. Our teacher is the best. Her name is Mrs. Mace. I think your going to love her,” Taylor said. I fixed my hair and I felt my cheeks blushing. She opened the door and all the students stared at me like they did not know what was going
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Mace teaching math, the bell rang for lunch. Yeah! Today we were having mashed potatoes and I LOVED mashed potatoes.

When I went to grab a seat at my lunch table I noticed it was all crowded and there were no more seats left. Great, now I’m going to be eating alone, on my first day of school! I went to go to the next table that was empty when I noticed a girl had pulled my arm back.
“Do you want to sit with us,” A girl said from my class. I looked at her with an annoyed look. Couldn’t she see that there were no more seats left? A boy and his friends looked at me with a guilt look. They got up and moved to the next table.
Yeahh! I sat down and started talking with the girl’s friends. Her name was Arianna. She was really nice to me. At the end of lunch I had not eaten anything. Mostly because it was disgusting.
Next we had math, social studies, and then it was time to go home. I had made 5 friends that day. I guess I like this school. I learned so many new things. I guess my mom was right. I learned that once you go with the flow, everything will be

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