Narrative Essay - My Dad

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narrative essay

My mom Hillary and my dad Travis never were the best parents ever. My dad when, i was one or two years old, was always in and out of jail a lot, so with him not around for weeks allowed me to grow closer to my grandpa Mark who i call him papa. I got attached to my papa extremely quick we were like best friends. When i was young my dad moved out because my mom kicked him out. From then on it was really just me and my mom. I tried to spend all the time i could with my papa because he took me to do cool stuff and was so fun. My mom met a guy and got married a couple years later a to my step dad. He had a daughter named Karson who was a month younger than me. Some say them getting marriage was a good thing, but i never saw it as anywhere near good. My step dad seemed cool at first but once you saw the real him it wasn 't anything what most people saw. I learned he also did weed like my mom has always done. My mom doing weed was one of the worst things that ever happened to us as a family. She would sneak off to her room with my step dad every so often to smoke weed which at the time we had no idea what weed was. All we knew was to stay away from the door and not ask for anything while they were in there. They at least kept smoking away from our view at first. Smoking drugs was just the start to our family getting torn apart. I was probably 7 or so when drugs turned into major fights. My step dad would always be mad at everything…

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