Narrative Essay After My Father

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After My Father
Everyone has milestone days in his life that change the direction of his life. It can be better or worse. Let me tell you one of my experiences that I will never forget from when I was 15 years old. There was no single moment in my life that I felt an awful and very sad situation like this. There were countless days when I lost my father in November 2011.
I remember the day perfectly. It was a Saturday night, I finished my french homework and I was going to sleep. Somebody called, my mom sounded lost and very calm on the phone but not her usual happy self. Wondering what was happening I tried to listen why she started to scream on the phone like lost herself, I didn't make sense what was happening. After that she came into
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In front of my eyes, he is dead. It really awakened me to how the world works and how fragile life is. We returned home. We spent the entire morning together and we started to think how this tragic car crash happened to my dad? My mother began to explain how my dad had been in a car accident. His car veered into the oncoming traffic and was hit from a back of the car, he tried to survive and he injured badly. We were unable to comprehend how this possibly be true. He just going to out of town, in Ankara to find a new job also he wanted to open his own job.
The night before this tragic car crash accident happened, he told me he always there for me, he hugged me and he left my room. I realized that little memories are priceless and it will never come back anymore. Sometimes I still can't believe he is gone. However, I find peace in the fact that I have 15 years of unforgettable memories. I miss him so much.
I eventually accept that I can't bring him back and it was the hardest time that I have ever experienced in my life. I realized that my father’s death wasn’t just affecting me mentally, emotionally or psychological way. It was also affecting me physically, and I felt always tired sometimes I can't focus on my school. The word has lost the meaning, caring and loving the family has started to make sense to me. Every second we spent together with my family, they are precious and I always want to be
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I try to be happy. My father would not want me to continue grieving so hard and I made a decision for living my life fully. I noticed that living life to the fullest after losing my father can change me. It creates a change in status unlike generally I fell alone, the absence became important in my life, my character matured. I notice I'm not a child anymore, I must grow up and take care of my family. The emotional process made me sensitive for becoming time to explore being an adult. Taking responsibilities, supporting and believing my family has become the important process.
In facing someone's death I may also face myself. From then to now I asked every question for myself, how did my parents feel about me? Am I good enough for them? Since that time, there have been moments that made my dad’s death seem harder, but there have also been moments where the pain has gotten better.
I'm always thankful to my parents for being there whenever I needed them sometimes when I thought I didn't need them. They are a gift in life. I'm grateful for teaching me respect, love, confidence, and proper etiquette for letting me find my own way. Sometimes I had hard times and they become a part of our past but I can create my future now, I learned every day is

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