Personal Narrative: My Family Necklace

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I have a fear. A fear that makes my hands and legs shake with terror. My mind would go wild, imagining different types of water related deaths with monsters involved. I know I can never overcome this fear, but I am horrified of deep, dark bodies of water. Gillian, Burke, Faith, and I decided to relax at the lake in the afternoon after a long week of school. I decided to bring my homework there to do, so I wouldn’t have to go into the water. Plus, I wanted to show off a necklace that I recently got from my family. It is a beautiful necklace made of a silver and on it hung a white dazzling pearl that was passed down from generation to generation in my family. Once we got to the lake, everybody changed while I stood near the unsteady …show more content…
I dropped my necklace in the water, what do I do,” I shouted. “Just jump in and get it before it falls too deep,” Burke replied. “Or….just leave it and buy another one later. Come play with us,”Mikayla suggested. “No. I can't just leave my necklace in the water. It’s the most precious thing I own..” This is important to me, I thought to myself. What if they yell at me for losing it? What if I get cursed because I broke the family tradition? I can't let this happen! Without thinking twice about my body suddenly threw itself forward right into the lake and my fear was the last thing on my mind. In the lake, I looked around in the dimly lit water bravely without trying to think of monsters. I tried to spot the sinking necklace and ignored the sounds of my friend’s distorted screams. I couldn't find anything, but I continued to try my hardest. Soon, running out of breath, my arms flailed in the water hoping to reach the surface before my lungs burned up. Air was all I needed. In seconds, my head bursts out of the water. As I gasped for fresh air, my lungs no longer felt like the flames of a wildfire. My friends came over asking if I was alright. “Yes,” I replied. “I’m just going on a

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