Narrative Essay About True Love

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As a child, I believed when two people got married, they found what people call “true love”. These people who found this never ending love got married. After marriage, they only had eyes for their significant other. Marriage meant you had someone who was reliable no matter what was going on in your life. Marriage meant teamwork; unfailing, never ending love. I was in 8th grade when I started to discover otherwise. People do not always marry for love. I went to a very small private school. Often they have not had enough teachers for all the classes. Rotating substitute teachers had been a normal thing. Our history class often been on rotation. Half way through the semester we finally received a full time teacher. When he walked in the room to be introduced, all the girls turned as red as the stripes on the American flag. Whispering to each of their friends about how stinking cute he was with his long brown curls and sparkling black eyes. From the moment he was introduced, he was cracking jokes and we could all tell he was going to be a hit in our class. Do not judge a book by it’s cover. Although, I did not see History class as learning something new and none of my friends wanted to learn about dead people. Nevertheless, he did his best to make it a fun learning experience. But after procrastinating studying for my test a few days in a row, I had …show more content…
Such a crazy thought that some people get married because of guilt. While being married they can start to fall in love with someone they can never be with. As a child, all of this terrified me. Learning that it is possible to fall out of love, or even fall for someone else while you are indeed married to another. Makes you question more than just marriage. He was like a father to me but was truly in love. How can you ever truly trust anyone but yourself. Something that now I see happens very frequently in life, has changed mine forever. Nothing is ever as it seems to

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