A Narrative Essay On Alton Redbirds

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It was a cold Saturday morning and we were playing the 22nd best team in the state and a team that has 2,000 more kids at their school than ours and we have the opportunity to beat them. Coming into the game we, as the players and coaches of our team, were the only people that believed that we could beat the Alton Redbirds. Since I was a little kid I’ve dreamed about playing varsity baseball for the Civic Memorial Eagles. It’s probably been every baseball players’ dream as a kid that has been to Bethalto. I’ve always went to their baseball camps and meet the coaches so they would know who I was every year. It would be an honor to wear that uniform and to represent your town and school. My dad and uncle have been my coach since I was 5 years …show more content…
I never felt more energized in my life. It was a blessing to be a sophomore playing against one of the best teams in the area and one of the top 25 teams in the state. My mom and dad wish me good luck as I head up to the field around 9:35. We were hitting in the cage at 9:45 until 10:15. When Alton arrived we became serious and started thinking and preparing for the game. We began our warmup routine at 10:15 which gave us around 45 minutes until game time. We knew that Alton thought they were going to beat us bad both games, but we weren’t going to let that happen. When they were warming up, they tried to act like a Major League Baseball team and warmed up different than any other team. The head coach and one of the assistants both used to coach for CM, but they left and decided to coach for Alton. Our coaches and players in the dugout were trying to hype everyone up to come out and show them what kind of team we really are. As a team we really believed we could win this game even though nobody else did. It started off and Alton was winning 1-0. We didn’t let that get to us and kept playing. I was up to bat in the 2nd inning and walked. I got thrown out at 2nd base on a ground ball for a force out. The next inning I made a play to end the inning and the next thing we know, when we come back to hit in the bottom half of the inning, we are

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