Senior Night-Personal Narrative

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“I can’t believe the day is finally here to see my second oldest child’s senior night; you growing up on me”, said my Mom. At this moment in my life I felt like this was the most important day thus far. For me, it wasn’t the fact that I’m a senior and I’m about to graduate, but we play our rivals, Fairmont. We are the only team that has came close to beating the undefeated tornadoes. I prepared extremely hard for this game, I wasn’t going to accept losing by any means.
My started real well, I ate good breakfast from Denny’s. The whole day teachers let me relax, they knew my stamina would be well needed for this game. Not only everybody in the school, but everybody in the county expected me to dominate this game. I had a lot of pressure built up on myself also, nobody wanted to win more than me. It was nearly noon, I had skipped lunch to get some shots up in the gym. I usually do this before the game, just to get comfortable with my jump shot. After lunch the school had a big ceremony for the seniors. The seniors had awards handed out as well as food and drinks. My day was going great, I felt good about the game tonight. School lets out at 3:15, after school I grab a bite to eat and head to the hood to talk with my boy Jesse. “You I know I placed a bet on the team, do not make me lose my money”, said Jesse. My response was, “you know I’m going to show out man.” Everyone who doubted my team and I, gave me motivation to pour my heart out on the court tonight. My determination for a win was unexplainable in words, I was extremely poised. On the ride back the school, I turned on my inspirational song
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I felt like the whole city was counting on me and I didn’t live up to expectations. I cried for the rest of the night, it was a sad rest of the week for me. Looking back on that day now, I’m truly grateful for that experience. Losing that game made me grind and train harder. I want to never feel that emptiness in my heart

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