Personal Narrative: My Life As A Professional Dancer

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Naomi has been working at Disneyland as a professional dancer since she graduated the dance academy. Looking back her school life, it was tough and hard for both physically and mentally. However, she had a strong fighting spirit, she never gave up and achieved her goals. She is satisfied her job because she would like to continue dancing. Depending on the park events and where she is assigned, her work schedule has changed. At first, she is struggling to adjust the schedule. If she is assigned the character parade in the morning, she has to warm up from early morning. When she is selected dance performance in dinner shows in the park restaurants, she finishes the day around midnight. Nevertheless the jobs were hard, she feels so fulfill to …show more content…
I never thought about marriage, but she was right. I will turn to 30 soon, but I have no time to meet someone. Two months later, my friend invited me her place for a pot luck party. I had no work on the day, so I went her place. There are three of my coworkers and two men. We had a good time and the one of the men approached me. His name was Alex; he asked me to go Disneyland next weekend. Luckily, I had weekend off next week. It was my first time to receive week end off. I thought it was probably God’s act. He might be my future boyfriend or husband. I felt some intuition about this coincident. At the Disneyland, we spent together like a lover. I know everywhere of course, but I saw completely different scenery. It was my first time to feel happiness with a man. Since then, we were seeing each other anytime we had time as if we were a couple. I started thinking about our future. One month later, he told me. He is going to New Zealand for study abroad for one year at the end of February. He already quit his job and prepared for it. I was shocked he did not tell me before he …show more content…
If you would like to go. It’s only one year. You know, we will have long time. I don’t know, but ordinary people have 70 to 80 years of life. One year is not so much in 80 years. I have been waiting you. We can contact by skype and e-mail, so I hope I will be OK.”
“Thank you Naomi for your understanding. I will send you the air ticket to visit me around my summer vacation. Would you like to come to New Zealand?”
“Oh, Alex, Of course, Of course I will go to your place!” Alex departed as he planned at the end of February. I offered to see him off at airport, but he refused because he will miss me very much. I felt a little weird, but I was at the top of happiness, so I tried not think about the doubt so seriously. When he safely arrived in New Zealand, he send me e-mail right away.
“Hi, Naomi. How are you? I am fine. Here is great! I love everything about New Zealand! Thank you for your letter. I read in the plane. I am so happy to meet you. I will tell you something later. I am so sleepy right now. See you soon.” I relieved he was safe. My life is back to normal like before I met him. Only thing my pleasure was the mail from him. We often talked by skype, so I believed I am going to New Zealand in six months. He send e-mail almost every day. However, after one month, he send e-mail once another day. 2 weeks later, once in three day, and once in a week. Obviously the frequency was getting less and

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