Narrative Essay About My Greatest Love

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My Greatest Love Despite being a Catholic since birth, I admit that I lack when it comes to what I know and what it practices. I admit that I don't normally do the practices most Roman Catholics do. Hence, when Tredone professor, Mr. Willard Macaraan, I had no clue to what sort of Chapel Administration I would do.
The supervisor let me choose what I want to do and that is Clerical. I recorded confirmation rites data into a log book, it was difficult because the names should be in Alphabetical order and by date. Luckily, the staff helped me. I also get a chance to face the people and help if all personnel are busy. I helped with filling up the forms & assisting the people. I saw how dedicated the staff is. Inside the Parish Office, you will
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I even had an opportunity to the Parish Priest and he asked me about the Church Involvement that I am in. He told me that being a church server is not just about being physically in the church doing the things that are assigned to you. Being a genuine server is valuing what God has given you and serving Him regardless of the fact that you are not in church. However, that is not the highlight of my journey. It was what the supervisor asked me to do.
Besides the church service that I had to do, the supervisor asked me to attend the 7am mass. I always go to the church with my family. But instead of listening to what the priest has to say, we end up chatting with one another. My experience going to mass alone for the past weeks is more solemn. Everything was peaceful and serene. That was actually the first time that I listened to the priest’s homily Each gospel that I listened to, appears as though it was pointed towards my faith and my practices and the gospel
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They made me see how important it is to bring it all up to Him. They made me realize that serving others is a way of serving Him and they made me realize that the greatest relationship I could have with is Him. It is not about working in the church that matters. It is about being committed in serving Him by through serving the others. They actually made me want to serve every Sunday in the Parish Office. I would also like to thank my Tredone professor, Mr. Willard Macaraan for giving us this kind of activity. The 10 hours that I spent inside that church is just a small fraction of my whole life. I finally heard my Lord and I am praying not to be deaf again from His voice. I would certainly attend more worship gatherings like Sunday Mass. It is important to serve my Greatest Love than anybody

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