My New Job Research Paper

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May 26th, 2017 was my first day at my new job. From that very day until now, I have put countless days and hours into my simple, yet frustrating job as a cashier. When I started, I was finished with all my exams and SOLs, meaning I was finally done with school. This meant sleep, along with time I could do whatever I wanted to with. However, when mid-August came, I experienced a bit of reality. I soon realized that going to school (with advanced classes) and working 20+ hours a week was pushing me to my physical and mental limits and beyond. By the end of August, though it was only 2 weeks of school, I would never take another second of sleep for granted again. The very first day of school, I had very little sleep from the previous 7-12 evening shift, and I was mentally exhausted. Getting out of bed was a difficult task, even as difficult as going to the gym directly after waking up. By the end of my routine workout, I could catch myself sleep-walking. When I entered my first class, I knew the year would be drug out and stressful. With the burden of no sleep, my job was also very stressful. Though it seems simple running items across an electronic scanner, the complexity behind the seemingly easy job reveals itself when …show more content…
All of them, being college/dual enrollment level, came with lots of homework required to comprehend the confusing material. Finding the time for this mass amount of homework was difficult. Because of all this work, I was overwhelmed with stress and exhaustion. The only thing keeping me awake through the homework was the heaviest of metal I had in my playlist and dangerous amounts of energy drinks. I often found myself stressed and wanting to drop one of my classes so that I would have more time to study, while having one less class to worry

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