Persuasive Essay: Why School Times Should Start Later?

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Kaitlyn Peters

Ms. James

Pre-AP Honors English II

7 January 2016

Keep Sleep

Whether or not high school starting times should commence later is a question that many school districts around the United States have reflected on. Factors that prove that school times should be later include sleep deprivation, biological changes, and neurological differences that is present in adolescence. With scientific evidence and studies many have come to the conclusion that school times should begin later because later school times have proved to contribute to better academic performance in high school students.

Before understanding why exactly high school starting times should be later the comprehension of sleep on the brain and its neurological
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When the body does not get enough sleep a large toll is taken on health and academics (Emsellem and Whiteley 2). Sleep deprivation can be better understood by describing the different processes of sleep. GABA and melatonin determines when the body starts to settle for bed. So when sleep deprivation is in effect GABA and melatonin settle the body for bed later causing the side effects of this harmful condition (12). Next process C and S will be described to understand how the condition starts. The amount of sleep the body must get when staying up longer is process S (14). Process C makes people either feel alert or not alert (18). Process S makes a person stay up later which causes process C to make that person feel less alert, thus causing sleep deprivation. Along with these two process neurochemical sleep-wake signals come to teens later causing the outcome of process S making those teens stay up longer at night (12). Now that that the processes of sleep have been explained the effects of sleep deprivation on health can be described (95).When the body is sleep deprived the brain tends to want to go into stage one of sleep causing dozing of, yawning, eye rolling, and other signs that stage one is about to be entered. When it is tired you tend to not retain information that was taught or pay attention to what was instructed (63). This results in lower grades and academic performance in school. A good performance in high school is necessary for getting into good colleges and is needed to pass certain courses (64). Along with poor grades a poor immune system is existent meaning that you will be more susceptible to viruses and infections making you miss school. Sleep deprived teens gravitate towards risky behaviors such as drugs, alcohol, sex, and other poor action choices. All these effects provide substantial evidence that sleep

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