School Times Should Begin Later

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Kaitlyn Peters

Ms. James

Pre-AP Honors English II

7 January 2016

Keep Sleep

Whether or not high school starting times should commence later is a question that many school districts around the United States have reflected on. Factors that prove that school times should be later include sleep deprivation, biological changes, and neurological differences that is present in adolescence. With scientific evidence and studies many have come to the conclusion that school times should begin later because later school times have proved to contribute to better academic performance in high school students.

Before understanding why exactly high school starting times should be later the comprehension of sleep on the brain and its neurological
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Internal clock changes along with sleep phase delay are two of the main biological changes that occur in kids that are transitioning into adulthood. Before grasping what sleep phase delay is the understanding of the body 's internal clock must be interpreted. A person 's internal clock is based upon Circadian rhythms; these rhythms determine when someone wakes up, falls asleep, body temperature during sleep, etc. During adolescence the body 's internal clock begins to alter. That is the main reason why teens might feel alert at eleven o’clock p.m., but actually be totally exhausted. Internal clock changes make teens feel more alert at about eight to ten o’clock p.m., whereas those younger than twelve feel exhausted by eight o’clock p.m. This affects the times when teens go to bed and wake up. Since high schoolers go to bed later because of the internal clock change a need for later waking up times is a necessity. If the correct amount of sleep is not reached, being fully awake will not occur. The transition from the weekends to the school week can permute the internal clock because this leads to teens getting off a sleep schedule. Sleep phase delay in basic terms is the reaction to the change in the internal clock during puberty. Sleep phase delay causes teens to go to bed later and wake up later. When the body goes to bed later, but wakes up early the …show more content…
Teens that get very little sleep throughout the night have an increased risk of poor decision making. Teens have an increase in alcohol drinking, consumption of caffeinated drinks, and depression. Risky behaviors lead to lower academic achievements. These kids in adolescents experience health effects such as obesity, migraines, and immune issues. The negative effects stated are just a few and all the small issues can lead to larger ones in time to come. Now to talk about the statistic facts that come from reliable sources. It is said that”33% of teenagers report falling asleep in school”. Amongst those teens who were reported most are black males who live in urban areas and who are in low income families. A large amount of statistics conclude that the recommended school start times should begin after eight-thirty a.m.. A scientific study showed that the best sleep-wake cycle for high school students is eleven o’clock p.m. to eight o’clock a.m.. Most school district officials discard this scientifical evidence and start there county 's school times at seven-fifty nine a.m. and earlier (“Wake up

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