Narrative Essay About My Birthday

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April 27th,2015. There were a couple of hours left until it was my birthday. I was animated because I was expecting to be received with an amazing birthday.
The next morning, I had awoken full of enthusiasm to be able to celebrate my 18th birthday after school. My family always has something planned for me whether it is going out to have dinner, or just cooking an amazing dinner at home. As I had driven back home, I had a huge smile on my face from the excitement of being able to spend my day with my family and my boyfriend. Unfortunately, when I had gotten home from school, there was nothing planned for my birthday.
My birthday was proceeding very unpleasant, which was not what I was expecting. “I will take you to the mall and let you buy
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I sadly decided to quit looking for it because I had a feeling that there was no chance of me ever getting it back. Bryan persistently attempted to make me forget about the situation as we began to shop again, but I just couldn’t. My worriedness of having in mind that someone had taken my phone, did not allow me to continue to shop. Losing my phone was the last thing I had in mind because it had never occurred before. The excitement to shop and, even for it being my birthday, was not there anymore. Even when Bryan had said to me that he would buy me anything I wanted, there was no happiness left of me for that …show more content…
“I saw a phone left behind in the restroom. I went into the stall that you were in and the phone was placed on top of the toilet paper bin. I was about to return the phone after I was out of the restroom. When I came out of the restroom, I did not see you anymore,” the delightful young girl exclaimed as I added a smile. I immediately answered her, claiming that I did lose something and she asked, "Is it this phone?" I was afraid that the same thing would happen like it did in Champs. My phone had been found was what I believed. I turned on the screen, praying that it was in fact my phone and it was! My day just turned all the way around and I was amazed as I kept thanking her for actually returning it.
It is uncommon for someone to return your items back, especially when it is something very expensive and valuable. There had been different situations where I left something behind and, unfortunately, I would never get them back because some people are just not generous at all. This young girl really did make my day so much better. She was unlike other people out there who are careless about others. She was obviously a person who is sympathetic towards anyone, even if they are

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