Literary Devices In Katharine Brush's The Birthday Party

When a wife decides to surprise her husband for his birthday, a turn of events occurs.
In the short story, "The Birthday Party" by Katharine Brush, is a story about relationships, told from a close witness. It is a great deal of information is being said with the benefit of literary devices. These devices revenue the place of offering details to the story such as imagery, repetition, and antecedents. She delivers a mass of emotions that can be read as ideally different each time. As you view this story you can immediately picture what you are reading. Ultimately it has to do with how she describes everything. However, she still manages to create an image of its full setting of the situation. As you read, " the man had a round, self-satisfied
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This leads to the explanation of Brush's choice of literary devices. In this case, Brush does apply repetition towards the end of the story. As seen in, "... quick and curt and unkind... crying quietly and heartbroken and hopelessly..." She employs this to emphasize the woman's feelings over the surprise she had for her husband. Brush then tried to turn over extended attention to the women and adopts a device that is probably generally used or uncommonly promoted. She claims, " she was still crying when I finally glanced over there again, crying to herself, under the gay big brim of her best hat." She ends the story with great grief to feel for the wife. She practices antecedents to have the reader focus on her (the woman). Everyone around them sensed their tension between each other and the husband’s anger towards the wife which brings us to the main detail of the wife’s emotions. Not only does she feel mournful, but she feels the humiliation of his depreciation. Brush has done well to have a bulk to say for such a short story comparable to this. Overall, she means to say that no matter what women do to impress others, they still are treated with few respect and are

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