Cupcake Narrative

My heels made clicking sound against the marble floor as I walked through the empty school corridor.

Strange. I thought to myself.

School was never this silent and empty on working days.

Guess I am the one who reached before time. I shrugged off my thoughts and made my path to the locker room.

I hold the necessities from my locker when suddenly a hand grabs my waist from behind, and another hand grabs my mouth. The panic of fear sprang up in my chest, and I tried to scream. But unfortunately, my voice sounded muffled because of the strong hold the person possessed.

"Hello, Cupcake." A deep voice whispered.

I abruptly open my eyes and watch the time. I take a brief smell of my surroundings and find myself in my bedroom. It's about 8
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Baking is an art for her, which she always loved to perform. I could always see the glimmer of happiness whenever people praised her work and loved her preparations. And seeing her happy made me happy. She opened this bakery outlet called Krazy For Cupcakes after my father passed away from cancer. He would always tell my mom to cook different sweet toothed cupcakes for him everyday. Such were their love for each other- like cupcakes of different colors, of different flavors, but always sweet. So she opened this outlet in the remembrance of her loving husband, and converted her passion into profession.

She is my inspiration, my everything.

"Yeah, Right." I said with my eyes rolling. " I am going now. Bye, Mom."

I exit the kitchen and start walking towards the door when suddenly Mom said "I made some Oreo cheesecakes for you. But you seem you're pretty agitated now. Could you give those to Chloe, dear? I really don't want them wasted."

I could feel the smirk that was forming on her lips.

Noway in hell I am going to give my favorite cheesecake to anyone; even not to my best friend!

I turn around and face my mom, "Sure, where is it?" I replied, playing
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I mentally smirk at my own thought.

"In the Fridge" She said with a neutral expression on her face.

Cool. I walk to the kitchen again and open the refrigerator door, and see that heavenly looking Oreo cheesecake on the platter.

Baby, I have come to rescue you. Do not worry. You will be safe in my tummy.

I grab the cheesecake and take a huge bite from it. It melted in my mouth in an instant and I moan, savoring the taste of it.

"So, aren't you late for your school?" Mom's voice snaps me out from my heart to heart moment with my love, and I groan.

"Yeah mom. Whatever. I am going." I start walking and say " Thanks for the cheesecake

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