Disney's Dream Vacation Research Paper

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This is the story of my trip that I took for my 12-year-old trip. We went on a 5-day cruise to the Bahamas on the ship "Disney's Dream" also with a day trip to SeaWorld after the cruise. We flew out of Salt Lake on a Sunday and landed on a Friday, then We got on the cruise on October 2 and got off on October,7. The ports that we stopped at were so much fun. The activities on the Cruise were top of the line. Seaworld, hands-down the best animal exhibit ever. I definitely recommend this trip in your future. "Will Flight Number 723 please make your way to gate 7 we will be boarding shortly?" Says a lady over the intercom. Excited to go on my trip me and my parents make my way over to the gate. Boarding the plane putting all of my luggage in …show more content…
First, we got off the ship went and rented a car and then made are the way to SeaWorld. We got to world paid to get in and first things first we went on there ride "Journey to Atlantis " it is where you get in a cart go up a hill then down a hill into so water and get wet. After we went to there exclusive whale show where whales do trick and Splash you. If you sit in the Splash zone that's most likely you will get wet. My personal Favorite was definitely the otter and sea lion show it was funny you got wet and it's amazing to see how talented these animals are. after we went to the airport and flew home The best trip I have ever gone on

My 12-year-old trip experience was an amazing trip that I will never forget. The Flights were Fun and complicated. he flights were worth it though for this trip Castaway Cay and Nassau was a once in a lifetime experience. the ports were the most fun places I've ever been to . the activities aboard the ship were top of the line amazing. They were the best activities you can think of. Seaworld was the best animal exhibit I've ever seen. With the dolphins and whales and more. This trip is a definitely recommended for you and your family it will be an amazing experience you will not

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