Nandos Essay

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Part I


This project was assigned to us in our Marketing Research course, in order to gain a practical understanding of what it takes to actually implement marketing research in a company. Our faculty gave us the liberty to choose any company of any industry, and thus we chose to do our report on Nando’s Chicken Restaurants, Bangladesh.

The objective of this report was to analyze and evaluate the service delivery process of Nando’s Restaurant. Also, the project aimed to evaluate the existing service delivery process with the help of tools such as the GAP Model, the SERVQUAL scale, the 8 P’s of Service Marketing, the Flower of Services, and the
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Nando’s was launched in Dhaka in September 2007.

Halal Chicken In many regions, Nando's offers Halal chicken. In Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan and the United Kingdom, a large number of their restaurants are Halal. All their restaurants in Muslim countries are halal. Additionally, several of their South African manufactured sauces available in the general market are supervised Halal by authorities in South Africa
Branches in Bangladesh There are branches of Nando’s in Dhanmondi and Gulshan areas of Dhaka city. Nando’s is even planning to open stores outside Dhaka as well.
“Our mission at Nando’s is to always deliver the ‘Nando’s experience’ to our customers.”
The Nando’s Experience
” We will take you on a journey, your own voyage of discovery. You will come to discover how special it is to belong to the Nando’s family. You will experience our traditional hospitality, warmth and fun. Your senses will be fired with the unique products and tastes of Portugal, all prepared with pride and passion, and here, you will be touched by the magic that is the Nando’s Way.”


Primary Research
The primary research involved inteviewing and surveying existing customers as well as people who are involved with this company to get a better understanding of the

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