My Youth 's Faith Through Sending Him / Her On The Divine Mercy Junior High Deanery Retreat

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Thank you for supporting the growth of your youth’s faith through sending him/her on the Divine Mercy Junior High Deanery Retreat. It is vitally important for youth to experience an encounter with Christ, a profound and tangible experience of Christ and His love. While there are many opportunities in the Mass and everyday life to experience such an encounter, this retreat will help guide the youth to experience a personal encounters through the mercy of God.

The retreat draws from Fr. Michael Gaitley’s book The Second Greatest Story Ever Told, which is currently a video series on Formed (for those of you not familiar with Formed, it is Catholic Netflix). The book focuses on how God answered the world atrocities of the 19th century with His mercy through various saints including St. Pope John Paul II, St. Faustina and St. Kolbe. If you do not have a Formed account, you can find the information to set one up here.

Departure and Return
All youth are to gather at St. Luke’s Social Hall at 5:30pm, on Friday, April 8th. When you arrive, please come into the Social Hall with your youth and check them in at the check-in table. Any medication your youth may have will also need to be checked in. The youth are to place their luggage in provided trash bags (girls in white trash bags and boys in a black trash bags) with their names written on them and set on the stage. Two slices of pizza will be provided at the Social Hall for dinner prior to taking off.

We will be…

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