Essay on My Year Of High School

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As my application is examined, it will come to the attention that no activities or descriptions are included from my sophomore year of high school. That would be because I actually did not have a sophomore year. Advancing forward a full year in high school would have to be one of the most challenging, longest lasting, incredibly difficult circumstances that I have ever found myself in. Not only was this decision strenuous when it came to academic struggles, but I found myself facing family skirmishes, social problems, and issues with the Board at my school. Even though so many obstacles could have been avoided by choosing to take the easiest route available to me, I would not trade my experiences for anything because ultimately, they formed me into the person who I need to be in order to pursue my dreams and taught me more than I could have ever imagined learning.
When I first decided that I was interested in and willing to work in order to skip a full year of schooling, I was in the eighth grade. The whole idea of advancing myself seemed more than surreal to me at the time. The day that my college and careers counselor first told me that she believed that I had the grades and the drive to begin my college years earlier than I believed possible, I was ecstatic and stared in disbelief. Immediately, I told her that I was more than interested and expressed my motivation to get even more ahead in my schoolwork. The day ended with a couple of phone calls in order to receive…

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