Essay on My Year Is A Middle, And An End

1992 Words Sep 28th, 2016 8 Pages
Everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end. My high school career began in September 2012, at Lakewood High School in southern California. According to the movies, high school is suppose the be the highlight of your earthly experience. You don’t even start living till you get there. High school is suppose to be the open door into the rest of your life, and with Hollywood shoving this down the throats of the naïve young children of the world, we believe it. Don 't expect anything from high school, the fun only comes from what you make it to be. Freshman year is when I learned many things. I started to realize who I was, what I wanted to do with my life, what marijuana smelt like, however the “highlight” of my year was physical education. At the end of 8th grade was when we set up our classes and picked our SLC (small learning communities), and when I went to do so, we were forced to sign up for physical education. Well me being me, I tried to take the easy way out. So, after hearing the horror of the freshman Kinesiology class and the terrible teacher that taught it, I decided to take Introduction to Dance. This was the first of the many mistakes I would make during high school. First day of school all of the Physical Education classes would meet in the gym to find their teachers, get lockers, etc. My first impression of (let’s call her Mrs. Dance) was good. She seemed nice, she told me where to go to find my next class. Everything seemed perfect, Until we actually…

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