My Writing Through English Teacher Feedback Essay

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Coming into class this semester, a necessity, I learned was to have a clear understanding of the mechanics for literature composition. I learned that it would mature my writing to a higher level of thinking. Past experiences in my writing through English teacher feedback indicated it to be full of foibles. Often I would receive feedback on my writing being awkwardly worded or lacking fluidity. For this reason I stated on the first discussion board for this class that my main goal was for my writing to be fluid. Little did I know at that time that my notions in writing would give a glimpse for the overall purpose of this class. The exposure to readings, formal and informal writings will give the practice my writing needed and will help find my voice. Similarly to how Joan Didion puts it in her excerpt “Why I Write”, writing is an art for others to “listen to me, see it my way, [and] change your mind”. The way we communicate as an art does not come naturally as we must sculpt for growth to occur.
My personal narrative, for instance demonstrates an efficient transitional process for drafting and the importance of articulating a message. Furthermore, for my drafts I received much advice which would later be incorporated within the final piece. Concerns such as the addition of dialogue, grammar and tense issues and overall style would be explicitly answered throughout the process of revising and editing my draft. General criticism I was given about my narrative was it needed…

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