My Writing Style Is Consistent No Matter Essay example

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During the semester course, English Composition 101, I have found that my writing style is consistent no matter what type of essay had been assigned. My approach and exact dispensation towards each essay had not varied, though the essays constitution and appreciating that each essay approach demanded different efforts, my writing style was still evident. During the course of the essays assigned, I put in tremendous amounts of effort to look beyond my own subjective opinions. Reaching out to other non-discriminative individuals whom use the written word and such in a professional capacity to further understand my weaknesses and even my strengths. Although the grades given were not a reflection of my effort, I realized they pushed me to work even harder on each essay. Taking the comments on past essays and trying to incorporate them into the next one, it was challenging, and yet I was able to understand what areas of writing in which I struggled. Each one of the essays taught me a different way of approaching a long paper. The first paper, the literacy narrative, was one of the easiest papers for me to write because I could focus on detail and context. The approach I took was to outline all of the details of the narrative effectively guiding a good setup for context. The narrative was something you could easily write about because you did not need to research, interview, or be technical. It was writing from experience, which I enjoyed. The next paper was the textual…

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