My Writing On Writing : The Scariest Moment Is Always Just Before You Start

786 Words Dec 14th, 2016 4 Pages
“The Scariest moment is always just before you start”(Stephen King). Figuring out introductions to papers is always hard. Putting those thoughts in your head to paper is even harder. Luckily, with the organization introductions/conclusions paper I have, it helped me a lot. It just takes practice and that is exactly what I did throughout my writing career. My attitude and ability towards writing has changed since I entered this class. My attitude towards writing has changed significantly. I did not mind writing growing up. Before this class I did not mind writing either. Once the teacher assigned me a piece to write, I did just that. Now, I actually enjoy writing even more. Once you give us essays to complete, I can not wait to get started. My favorite writing assignment was the research paper on our chosen topics. I chose to do the Montgomery bus Boycott and with this, I learned so much more than what I did not know before. That is what is so invigorating about writing. You learn new things each time it is practiced. Moreover, I thought writing was somewhat “easy.” Once I came into this class and having it be my first college class, I thought otherwise. In preparation for this class, writing prompts were made to be simple for us so we could learn how to do them correctly. Having being in this class, writing is a lot more complex. The hardest assignment for myself was the Unconquered film analysis essay. I struggled with this because each character in this movie was…

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