My Writing On My Life Experiences Essay

1034 Words Oct 29th, 2015 null Page
The earliest memory I can recall of writing was when I was four years old, attending Head Start. I learned the basics that year and in Kindergarten, such as: writing my name, colors, shapes and how to write sentences. From then on, I learned to write three paragraph essays; as the school years went by, I learned how to write longer essays and how there were different types of essays. Writing is a fundamental in life that we need to learn and enhance because it is a form of expressing ourselves and analyzing the writing world. It has shaped my writing throughout my early life experiences in K-12, now that I’m attending college, I am improving my writing skills by reading and recalling all of my writing experiences, and then incorporating it into my upcoming college years in order to succeed. My mom enrolled me in Head Start when I was four years old, whereas most of my classmates were already five. I attended Washington Elementary, which was up the street from my house. My teacher, Mr. David, taught me the basics of writing which were how to hold a pencil, write the alphabet, my name, colors and shapes. Mr. David would bring shaving cream, the container had red stripes all around it; he would spray the whole thing on the table and have us practice writing words in it. Of course, this was a long process, we would first learn how to pronounce the words and then we would practice tracing the words in the handouts we were given. After, we would trace the words for a week, then…

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