Reflective Essay: Subject Of Composition

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At the beginning of this semester I did not like the subject of composition. It is not my strength and I do not like to read or write. My expectations about compositions was very unaware. The first semester has been overwhelming, especially with being out of school for several years. I did not think that I was going to be able to compose lengthy essays. I feel like I accomplished so much this year and my writing ability has grown so much, because of the learning information that was given each week and the essays that was composed had a great deal for my new way to compose essays. Since the beginning of the semester, I have been learning and practicing the writing process. At the start of school I only knew the basics of writing an essay
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My education goals are still being developed, I do believe that people do grow with the willing to want to change as long as we are willing to learn new things. People learn from their mistakes and look for better ways to improve a skill, our past is not what defies us. It is the struggle and the outcome that determines the work ethic and strength trying to improve. Knowing what is needed for future courses to be successful at a college level writing was greatly gained this fall. I have the tools that I need to write a successful essay. I also feel more confident for my future classes. Having to adapt to a new learning experience this semester, I feel like I have gained so much mostly from composition because the strength it has given me and a clearer understanding for styles, audience and research. I feel prepared to take a future course that would require an independent research. I have learned in this class how to research using databases and keywords. I also learned how to search for peer reviewed scholarly articles to aide in my writing. I feel this course has prepared me well for my future

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