My Writing Of My Freshman Year Essay

807 Words Apr 1st, 2016 4 Pages
Over the course of my freshman year, I have taken a couple writing classes and have used my writing skills and methods to write many important papers. In the classes that I’ve taken, I’ve learned to communicate my ideas and myself as a whole in a more professional and coherent manner. Both of the professors I’ve had thought me various methods for advancing my writing. I’m becoming more comfortable with paraphrasing and analyzing various sources and tools. Although not finished, I feel like I’m growing considerably well as a writer as I have learned to recognize purpose and rhetorical situations and to also utilize them in my writing.

There are still many characteristics I would like to enhance in my writing for future references. My strengths and weaknesses in writing both come from the basis of me understanding the prompt, topic, article, book, etc. When I understand those factors clearly, I can fluently write my paper and the flow is flawless. When I don’t understand them thoroughly, I tend to write outside of the main focus and to also come from many different points of view. I would like to broaden my vocabulary some more because while it might be easier for someone with English as their first language to write clear and concise, it takes a little more for me because I’m using a lot more words than they have to.

A major strength in my writing is that I’m always able to come up with my introduction. I can come up with the hook to make the reader want to read but my…

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