My Writing Of My English 101 Class Essay

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This is the last essay of my English 101 class. I enjoyed each and every minute of it. Through the books, professor Turner ‘s direct approach of teaching that consists of handing out several good and terrible examples of essays, sentences structure, and grammar in class, I not only improved my writing process such as selecting my topic, well organizing and supporting my ideas, but also corrected some of my punctuation and grammar problems.
English is a second language to me, so I spent a considerable amount of time writing each essay as they had different challenges. Throughout my writing, I encountered weaknesses like punctuation and grammar that I will still improve in English 102. For example, I usually allocate two days to edit my paper before turning it in. This was not the case in my comparison and contrast essay. It was my midterm exam essay and the paper was supposed to be written in class. So with my outline in hand, I wrote a comparison that has strong supporting details with numerous grammatical and punctuation errors that eventually reduced my grade. I also had issues that was easily fixable. For example, in my essay on Fears, one of my issues was vocabulary enhancement to match the college level English. After reading my first draft, I noticed the overused of certain words and searched through the dictionary for their synonym. The other issue was narrating vivid examples that will keep the reader interested. finally, with all the time and efforts applied, I…

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