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My Writing Journey The writing processes that I have developed as a writer in GSW 1110 have led me to be a successful writer and can be useful in my immediate future as a student and an working adult. Before I enrolled into this class, it was a struggle for me to just write a half page essay with correct format and grammar. The development of my writing skills have led me to be a skilled writer and have a better understanding of how different kinds of papers are formatted. The goals I set before starting this course have been challenging to meet, but my instructor has guided me in the right direction and showed me ways to reach my goals. The skills I developed in GSW 1110 will not only help me in academics and my career but will …show more content…
In my essay Proposing a Solution I used multiple viewpoints of the issue and had sources that were supportive of my views. Another way I learned to increase critical thinking is to have my peers edit my paper to also receive their thoughts on the content of my essays. To organize my thoughts at the beginning of each essay and to get a feel for what to write about I read a sample paper provided by my instructor. Critical thinking is important to have and without that I would not be able to think for myself but without this course I would have not been able to increase that certain skill that I will use in my …show more content…
This course has provided me with the skills in writing proficiency that will help me become ready for the next level. My instructor and classmates have provided me with helpful feedback in all of my essays and helped me to become more of a thought out writer instead of just writing with no plan. These skills that I have learned will be used in my future academic classes, such as writing reports, research papers, and just the writing process in general, just as I am using them presently in my other academic classes. My future career as a health care professional will need these writing skills that I have learned in this course to write reports, document information, and propose a solution. GSW 1110 has provided me with a stepping stone to increase my skills as a writer and developed helpful habits to perform when I am meet with a difficult

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