Essay on My Writing For The English Language

1076 Words May 15th, 2016 5 Pages
When it comes to learning English, there becomes a great importance to the value of writing. To be able to write clearly and correctly is not a skill that everyone is able to acquire. Being able to write intelligently puts people at a great advantage; they sound more sophisticated and put themselves ahead of those who struggle in this area. In order to advance in writing, one must acknowledge growth. Without growth, writing cannot advance; there will be no improvement or progress without it. Throughout this year, I have further advanced myself with the English language by improving my writing arithmetic, critical thinking, and independent learning, which became possible by my willingness to change and grow as a writer. In the beginning of the year, I realized how much I truly struggled with writing. Originally, I thought my writing was excellent and had very little, or no flaws. However, I quickly realized the expectations in an AP level course are much higher than in an honors level course. The ideas and thoughts I utilized were quite obvious, the language was choppy, I lacked evidence to support the claim being made, and my body paragraphs were underdeveloped, which can be seen in my Black Boy Reading Logs. However; throughout the course of the year, I developed new, effective, writing habits. I began to develop and explain my ideas better. I now use more textual evidence, and fully explain myself when proving a point. I am no longer repetitive, and my vocabulary has…

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