Essay about My Writing And Writing Style

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Over the past couple of months that I’ve been at JSCC and in Professor Lewisis English class, ive seen a significant improvent in my entire writing style. During this time ive also been experimenting with small changes in my workflow, my writing process and the types of content I produce. The result has been an improvement in my writing and a better understanding of how I work best.

The Feedback that ive gotten back from Professor Lewis has been hugely important for my writing. If I don’t spend long on a piece of writing, I often overlook small typos or grammatical issues. So from that I tend to not craft my words quite as carefully as I could, and I tend to repeat myself a bit. Also having some read over my writing and give constructive critism really tends to help me clean up my work and find better ways to go about it. On the other hand, if I spend a long time on a piece, it can be just as bad. Its easy to become lost in a piece after a while, and have trouble stepping back and seeing it objectively. It’s also hard to forget all of the extra context I have in my head by that point, and read it as a reader, who has little or no context about the topic. Again, having someone else read my work really helps at this point. If nothing else, it gives me a break to refresh my mind before I come back for more editing. But usually though, I find my work improves from other peoples suggestions.

What I have learned about writing for an academic audience is to expand my vocabulary…

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