My Work Best For Me Essay

1159 Words Dec 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Throughout this semester I have become a more successful writer. In the beginning of this class I was not familiar with all the techniques and processes available to me while writing a paper. Now, I am able to point out techniques and processes that work best for me. This course has helped me to point out some of my strengths and weaknesses while working with specific techniques and processes that advised me along the way. One thing I consider to be a strength in my writing is developing ideas and topics. Throughout the semester I have learned to focus on details that would help me expand on my ideas and topics so they aren’t hard to follow along with. One technique that helped me to target the development of my ideas and topics was clearly stating what I wanted the paper to be about, to do this I would make a well thought-out sentence outline that contained a working thesis and main topics for each paragraph. I would establish a clear focal point of the essay as a whole, such as in my research paper on heroism. To create the main topic on my research paper I did a free write, which consists of writing down topics to include into the essay for around five minutes. Then I came up with different ideas about roles and what is considered a heroic behavior to eventually form a definition that is relevant to today and would become the main focus on my paper. Free writing aided me to generate an abundant amount of information that I could later combine to make a thesis for my…

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