My Wife And I Went Out At Sonny 's Bar And Grill Essay examples

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My wife and I went out to dinner at Sonny’s Bar and Grill, when we walked inside there were baseball games playing on all three televisions. There was no volume coming from the televisions and they were mounted on the wall, which was difficult to watch unless you sat at a specific table. The bar was well lit and had a lot of windows and doors for extra lighting. There was music playing very softly so if you were conversing you could still hear the other person clearly. There were noises coming from the slot machines in the back corner, along with glasses clinking from behind the bar. We were getting ready to order when we saw two middle-aged gentleman sit down right beside us. Both walked right to the table centered directly in front of the TV’s, as if they sat here every day. My conclusion that they are regulars was further solidified when the waitress brought them both a Coors light without taking their order. And just like that, all their attention was on the TV. While my wife and I were waiting on our food, I began to studied these men and their habits. They were dressed very similar to each other, both were wearing clean blue jeans and similar worn out hats. The only difference in their dress was their shirts. I didn’t notice any wedding rings; so, I would assert neither was married. I picked up on similar vernacular from both gentlemen, they used words such as ‘ya’ll’ and other “country slang”. I would assume both men are retired because they didn’t look as though…

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