Essay On Why Am I Attending College

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College is an opportunity for me to further my education and earn a degree that will advance my careers. Attending college is a privilege that many students are unable or unwilling to experience. Forwarding my education will aid me in my pursuit of a profitable career occupation when I officially enter the workforce. Continuing on to the collegiate level provides me with many connections for students to make through internships and job shadows. This will help me get a step ahead of the competition. Earning a college degree is also able to earn an employee a higher pay grade within the majority of companies and firms. While I attend college, I plan to take in as many experiences and absorb as much information as possible. I view college as an investment in my future. The college investment is only worth it if I apply my learned knowledge and experience to life later on.
Setting goals is a good way for an individual to keep their life on track. One must set S.M.A.R.T goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound. A goal of mine is to graduate college with minimal debt while obtaining an education that will better prepare me for the future. I
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I have a tendency to overload my schedule. I become very busy during the year with numerous organization and club memberships. I have duties at home and in these organizations that I must fulfill. From my active memberships, I have developed my strengths in time management. Another weakness of mine is being too determined. I work on a project until it meets my satisfaction. I am willing to put in the extra hours to accomplish a task and finish what I started. Finally, I am often too concerned. I worry about my actions and the consequences they may generate. I plan out my course of operation so that I may know the intended outcome. Each of my weaknesses have strengthened other areas of my life, and contribute to the person I present to the

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