Personal Statement: A Career In Elementary Education

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My visions and beliefs about teaching

I have been a student at Metro State University for three semesters and once I declared my major as elementary educator I learned a lot about the importance of teacher evaluations systems, teacher quality standards, assessment, and accountability. Going through the becoming an elementary teacher course has really opened my eyes to maximizing my impact on student learning and to learn and evolve as a community. Most importantly to begin to create a bigger vision for becoming a teacher within the Colorado district and outline the knowledge and skills required to be an amazing teacher and to provide growth for all my students. I want to become a teacher to be able to make a positive difference on the future
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I believe that as an upcoming teacher it is my duty to become more aware of all the Teacher Quality Standards to be able to successful educate and provide to my students. The next step is being able to have extreme impact on student learning, and to develop and evolve along with my students. This can be accomplished by increasing levels of meaningful feedback on instructional practice and an overall commitment to continuously educate my students. Identifying the complex components of Teacher Quality is a fundamental step in supporting my professional growth. I often measure where I am in life and where I want to be in life. I believe that goal setting is very important to stay motivated and focused on my career as a teacher. One of the major goals I have is being able to expand and explore on the multiple options we have to excel in our teaching techniques and being able to help and understand the diversity in how students learn. This is a major goal for me because as I begin my career in education I will be able to expand on this idea as I place myself within classrooms, and within other teaching classes at the university. Throughout my future as a teacher I will continue to excel academically and will continue to learn how to become a successful teacher. My first major academic goal is to get involved within both the Metro State University and all the future teacher’s, and within an elementary school to establish relationships with current teachers and expand on teaching ideas and methods. I will be able to accomplish this by volunteering within Bear Canyon Elementary school in Highlands Ranch, and doing all my site visits, and field work within that school. My second academic goal is planning out my projects and assignments more efficiently. I want to plan all my assignments well enough that I get enough

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