Essay on My Views On My Life

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My life has never revolved around writing, reading, but definitely not writing. To be honest, I’m not even sure when I learned to read and write, all I remember is the fact that I had the ability. In the first grade, I remember being in a church youth group where they wanted the high schoolers to do a play but wanted one younger kid to be in it. The age they had in mind was a kid who was in upper elementary or middle school, but my mom told them to let me try anyways. They decided to let me join the play, because they were impressed by how well I could read, I even helped the high schoolers memorize their lines and whispered them to them throughout the play. I’m not sure when I developed the ability, but I know people were always impressed by how well I could read and write for how young I was. It seems like I was always reading when I was younger. I’d read entire book series, like; The Magic Treehouse, Charlie Bone, and Hank the Cowdog, which were a few of my favorites. My family knew I enjoyed to read, and they were happy about it, but I never really understood what caused me to enjoy reading as much as I did. No one else in my family had such a preference for reading, they were more inclined to writing, which I’ve never really enjoyed doing. I’ve always kind of struggled with writing, especially writings that were about myself. I always assumed that if you enjoyed reading or enjoyed writing then you must have a desire to do the other as well, but I’ve learned that is…

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