My View On My Life Essay

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A Few Words, A Lifetime Difference
My entire perspective changed in the span of a single conversation.
That day, like all the others, followed the same boring routine: wake up, go to school, go home, do whatever, eat, do whatever, then go to bed. The only variance to my schedule was the occasional extracurricular activity and what occurred in school. However, school for me was always easy. I never struggled, I never had to exert myself. This ease combined with my upbringing is what carved my arrogant, selfish, and immature nature. No matter what, I never admitted to being wrong or at fault. I would always have an excuse. Not only that but I couldn’t be bothered to help others and I always saw others as below me. Despite my hideous personality, my life was easy because of it. I had no worries.
That day, I took on my first worry. The incident occurred near the end of my second “do whatever” phase. Let me stress that my “whatever” was always purely for entertainment and usually ended around 11 PM. It was almost 11 PM when I got a chat box popped up. Receiving any chat at all was unusual for me. I thought it was Alan. Alan was my classmate of four years and also my best friend. But it was Ashley. Ashley was also my fellow schoolmate of four years but in that time we never got close. Only recently had we started talking, and when we talked it was almost always about Alan, who she liked at the time.
A: “Hey” This is unusual. Maybe I should just ignore it, I want to go to bed…

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