My Value System Of My Life Essays

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Every human being living on planet earth was given a purpose or vocation by God. Interestingly, some individuals identify or discover their purpose early in life while for others it is a long journey to self-discovery. The message from Parker Palmer applies to my life because his words stimulated me to conduct a self-introspection. His command or plea to let my life manifest my values caused me to regress- look back and examine the formation of my value system. The values of everyone are not identical. Values reflects a person’s belief of what is right and what is wrong. I believe everyone is born with the basic God given ingredients of a value system. This is influenced and molded by our parents, teachers, and for many the place of worship they are aligned with. My value system is the guiding light of my life. It epitomizes my ever present companion which plays a major part in my decision making. My value system emanate from my parents, and grandmother. In addition, my Language Arts teacher and church have also contributed to my beliefs, moral, and ethical consciousness. My purpose in life is to help people; to motivate and inspire friends, family, and individuals that I interact with daily. I accomplish this by utilizing encouraging words that uplift and move them .This usually thrust them into action and often times the outcomes are positive in nature. I highlight and play homage regularly to the success of family members and classmates. At school I mobilize…

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