My Trip To Versailles: My Journey To The Palace Of Versailles

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Centuries ago, when French aristocracy made their visits to Versailles, they packed up their stagecoaches and made the journey. Nowadays, travel is much quicker but that means it is infinitely more complicated.

I woke at 5am in order to catch the bus that served as the first leg of my journey. Unfortunately, due to sleepiness and poor direction, I missed it. Instead, I opted to take a slightly longer option that would only set me an hour off of my planned arrival time. All was going well until my train arrived on the outskirts of Paris and I had to find my way to Versailles using the RER. Unfortunately (yes, again!), I took the train in the wrong direction. It wasn’t a grave mistake, but again, it added a bit more time to my journey before
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I just wanted to arrive in Versailles and be on my way to exploring the palace and the gardens. Even though I arrived 2 hours after I planned to originally, it did’t out a damper on my day. Once I was in view of the golden gates to the Palace of Versailles, all of my travel misfortunes melted away and I was filled with determination and giddy excitement.

I had visited the palace once before, on my last visit to France. It was one of the highlights go my trip. I can still distinctly remember the awe I felt when I walked into Marie Antoinette’s chambers and saw the beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Her rooms are currently under renovation for the net few years, and I wasn’t able to see them on this visit.

Starting in the chambers of the King, I wandered through marveling at the magnificent architecture and art that adorned every inch of Versailles. Each room I passed through was just as magnificent as I remembered, but I couldn’t help but glimpse out the windows at the gardens. That was what I was really excited about. On my last visit, It was a cold day in March. The gardens were open, but there was not much growing, and the fountains weren’t yet in operation. I was bound and determined to see as much of them as I could this
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I had seen pictures of it before, but seeing it in real life is something totally different. The day was a bit overcast, but it did’t take away from the beauty of the gardens. For the first few minutes, I probably walked around with my mouth open. The experience was made all the more magical by the classical music that floated through the gardens.

As i wandered further into the gardens, I discovered that some parts are almost labyrinths. It’s easy to get lost in the tall hedges and the majestic fountains that are so easy to just stumble upon. I bought an overpriced waffle or gaufre to munch on as I wandered through. Though my feet started to ache due to the uneven cobblestone, I couldn’t care less.

After that, we visited the Grand and Petit Trianon. There was a lot of history embedded in both of the buildings. On my previous visit, I did’t get the chance to visit either of these buildings. There’s a lot of history found in each of them. Though they aren’t as impressive as the main palace (though the Grand Trianon’s pink marble does give Versailles a run for it’s money). It was a long day, and a lot of walking. Safe to say, I was totally exhausted but totally enthralled at the same

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