My Travel Experience Essay

It has been more than six years since I landed in the US. My travel experience was pretty hectic. I almost missed my flight and lost my luggage. The situation was I could not find my gate number, and by that time I was getting a little bit nervous. I constantly keep looking at my watch and was relieved to see that I still had time and I could make it. Thank God, I am not the only one in a hurry, there were also some people hurrying to get onto our flight. I was traveling from the Philippines and the whole flight was pretty boring. I did not talk to anyone for twenty two hours which is very unusual. The food on the airplane was fine. Overall I had a pretty nice flight.
I landed at the Atlanta airport, At that moment I realized that I was in America. I felt anxious, my heart started pounding like a drum. As I walked out through the door I felt a breeze caress my hair. I felt the coldness that would not go away and I smelled the scent of autumn. I felt like a new me. For twelve years of my life I had never been away from my country the Philippines. I was used to being around people who spoke the same language as me, who were born with the same culture I was brought up in. My mother wanted to give me a
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My hands are shaking, and I felt a little tickle traveling up my stomach. It went away after I got distracted. During the class my teacher was talking so fast like a shooting star. All I can hear was “blah... blah... blah”. All the words I heard went straight out of my ear. The next day I found a better solution, I recorded the lecture that was taught during class and tried listening to it at night. I would ask my teachers about my notes, so when I got home I could spend time memorizing and quizzing myself. During the weekends I tried to watch American tv shows with English subtitles and a notebook with me, so if I learned some new words I would write it down and look it up at the

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