My Teaching Experience For Writing Essay

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The preface led me to think about my teaching experience for writing. Did I ever teach how to write according to audience and purpose instead of throwing a topic for daily journal or writing assignment? The author, Lori Jamison Rog reminds me again the basic things to do for teaching reading and writing. Teacher needs to know different writing process at different stages of writing development and scaffold the students to higher level of development. As the reading does, the writing does not always follow the same sequence, time frame or process for every piece of writing. I think this is what teacher need to aware before teaching writing. The writing conference are useful to create a skillful writers. Personally, I like the concept of butterfly conference for young children; flits around the room and alight at each student’s desk to offer support or suggestions. I think the TAG conference would be effective for older children.
“Early writers have begun to make that essential connection between letters and sounds. Now it is… able to use invented spelling.” p.6
In a Montessori classroom children have benefits for connecting letters and sounds through many activities. Children sort small objects according to the first letters and it helps students to connect sounds to letters. They do I-Spy game, do a chant and sing a song by engaging the activities. This is amazing that the 4 or 5 year old children are doing invented spelling with moveable alphabets before writing so that…

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