Essay about My Study Habits Of College

806 Words Jul 31st, 2016 4 Pages
Every person has their own academic struggles. They can range from procrastination, to not studying, to even not getting enough sleep. I am guilty of doing many of these myself. I know that I’m going to need to change my study habits in college, I cannot afford to not study for tests like I did in high school. Out of the many bad habits that I need to change to succeed in college three really stand out. In college I need to read the assigned book, actually studying for tests, and conquer my terrible procrastination habits. These are the habits that I think that I most need to change for college.
During high school I never read the assigned book unless there was an in-class reading or I was able to somehow listen to the book. I feel like my dyslexia has a lot to do with this. One of the main reasons that I did not read was because it took me a very long time to read the chapter that was assigned because I read so slowly. While I was reading I would always have trouble with words either because I was not being able to sound them out them or because I did not know what they meant. I would mostly just listen in class instead of reading. When I did this I would have a greater understanding of the book, and I would even become more engaged in the class. In college I have multiple ways to help me read the books, which will make it easier to understand them. I plan on using programs such as Kurzweil, Dragon Naturally Speaking, and audio books. I already have a lot of…

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