My Studies At La Trobe University Essay

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During my studies at La Trobe University I have learned the process of making films. I have learned the names of shots, the formatting of scripts, and have studied various directors both has a part of the course and in my personal time. Through La Trobe I have been taught to think critically, write effectively, and be able to translate the words on the page into the visuals on the screen. I have done this outside of university as well, often instigating side projects to push my creative and leadership skills, as well as the skills of those around me, to the limit. In undertaking the Master of Film and Television at the Victorian College of the Arts, I hope to be able to further these skills, as well as discover my own personal and unique directing style. I believe I have the capabilities to be a successful director. My leadership and team management skills, combined with a strong capacity for visual storytelling, and the ability to translate and convey my personal vision to those around me places me as an ideal candidate for the Master of Film and Television.

As JJ Abrams has said ‘It’s more important to learn what to make movies about, then to learn how to make movies’. At La Trobe I learned how to make a film. At VCA I hope to learn what to make movies about, and what stories I should be telling. Through VCA I want to delve into myself to find the stories that matter to me, the stories that I should be telling as a filmmaker and as an artist, and the stories that will…

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