My Stress : Stress And Stress Essay

1309 Words Jun 25th, 2015 null Page
My personal stress levels tend to be high but only because I put stressful situations off until the lat minute. I scored a 120 on the stress test showing that I have an A+ personality. I realized that I have both constructive and deconstructive stress in my life. If what is causing me stress isn 't due for a few weeks I would have destructive stress. I tend to feel overwhelmed and mentally breakdown probably because I know I have to do what is stressing me, but I keep putting it off. My stress becomes constructive when I get down to the due date. I work very well under pressure. I have noticed this with past assignments for this class that I always work on assignments last minute. To reduce stress I try to forget what I have to do even though when I try to forget there is always a part of me that is worrying about the stress. I also hangout with family and friends to relive stress. To improve my stress levels I need to set deadline for myself instead of following the actual deadline. This will allow me to always have constructive stress instead of destructive stress and I will also be improving my time management as well. My time management skills are not very good. I always get my work done, but I usually finish it late at night. My score says I am not very good at time management. I scored a 6 on the Time Management Profile. To match the time management guidelines I could set aside time were I work alone with my door shut and no technology. I feel that this will allow…

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